Russia Partners Funds

 Vintage Year:Committed Capital:
Russia Partners I 1995 $155 million
Russia Partners II 2006 $348 million
Russia Partners III 


$626 million

Russia Partners Technology Fund
2011 $93 million

Contact: Drew Guff and Vladimir Andrienko

Russia Partners has raised four private equity funds since its inception: Russia Partners I (RP I) in 1995; Russia Partners II (RP II) in 2006; Russia Partners III (RP III) in 2009; and Russia Partners Technology Fund (RP Tech) in 2011.  RP I, II and III make direct equity and equity-related investments in companies operating in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union.  RP Tech was established to make direct equity and equity-related investments in high-growth businesses in areas related to technology and innovation in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union, as well as in companies that are implementing global technologies and processes throughout this region.  Russia Partners has made over 45 investments across these portfolios in companies in need of growth or expansion capital and in companies where value can be enhanced through management or financial improvements.

The Russia Partners' funds have generated support from corporate and public employee benefit plans, endowments, corporations, government agencies, sovereign wealth funds, international financial institutions, family offices and high net worth individuals.  RP I and II are fully invested and have had numerous profitable realizations to date.  

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