For Entrepreneurs

Why Raise Capital?

Most businesses are managed through their early years by a single or small group of founders, owners or entrepreneurs. These managers often operate by experience and instinct, without formal systems or procedures, relying on their deep understanding of the business and its customers. The managers can be preoccupied with day-to-day challenges and lack the time, information or resources (including financial and human capital) to identify the drivers of growth in the business, or develop and implement strategic growth plans. As the business grows, it can encounter an inflection point where this informal system of management begins to lose effectiveness.

In the long-term, experienced private equity sponsors can achieve profound change by implementing more sophisticated strategies. These changes can strengthen a business and improve its bottom line, not only by controlling expenses, but also by growing revenue, organically and through acquisitions.

Why Choose Russia Partners?

Russia Partners supports the management of its portfolio companies, not only with capital, but also with unique insight, experience and perspective. We view our entrepreneurs as long-term partners, and strive to ensure the ultimate long-term success and viability of their business.

While the Russia Partners team will lend its expertise when appropriate, we are not looking to replace the entrepreneur when making critical business decisions. Russia Partners leaves the day-to-day management of the business to the established management team, and will supplement the team with skilled industry executives and strategic insight, when necessary.

Russia Partners has successfully implemented this strategy since its founding, providing business insight and expertise to assist its entrepreneurs in building and creating value in their businesses.

Russia Partners adds value to its portfolio companies by:

  • Implementing new management procedures, policies, budgets and business plans;
  • Augmenting senior management when necessary, including hiring top western sales and operational executives or Chief Financial Officers to improve audit and control functions;
  • Evaluating and implementing new systems, when necessary;
  • Creating, recruiting and chairing Boards of Directors and executive committees;
  • Assisting in merger and acquisition sourcing and evaluation;
  • Managing various financial transactions including securing loan facilities, refinancing/restructuring existing debt, raising equity capital and overseeing IPO processes, strategic sales or other types of potential exit transactions;
  • Hiring global experts to assist in making critical business development decisions, such as evaluating new site locations for expansion, etc.

Entrepreneurs – Next Steps

If you have a business proposal and are interested in learning more about how Russia Partners can assist you in developing your business, please contact us. Please include your name, contact information, and a business description and we will contact you shortly to discuss next steps.

Global Platform

Russia Partners is part of Siguler Guff & Company, LP, a multi-strategy global private equity investment firm serving prominent institutional, corporate and high net worth individual investors. A pioneer in investing in opportunistic sectors for private equity in general, and the emerging markets in particular, Siguler Guff, together with its affiliates, has $13 billion of private equity assets under management. Founded in 1991 by George Siguler, Drew Guff and Donald Spencer as the Private Equity Group of PaineWebber, Siguler Guff became an independent firm in 1995.

Longstanding Track Record of Building Businesses

Russia Partners' top 6 senior investment professionals have 68 collective years of Russian private equity experience, with an average tenure of over 11 years. The firm employs 35 dedicated professionals with deep industry expertise from a wide range of disciplines, including private equity management, investment banking, private industry, domestic and international government, management consulting, public accounting and law.

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